Center for Volunteerism & Academic Development (CVAD)

In a national context, organization of the volunteering service was started only after 1926. Still various types of national and international volunteering activities are in practice in Nepal. Nepal Government makes an action for the better and effective mobilization of the volunteers in the service delivery, even though could not be implemented properly. In this regard the NEPHA has decided by executive committee to enhance this action through public health and social mobilization of health related field. Still now, Nepal has been facing various types of public health problem as triple burden of disease (Communicable, non-communicable and social disease). Without any planned action, however, every academic institution spent millions of dollars for providing different types of service, but no effective change but only rusting of resources.

Center for Volunteerism & Public Health Action, a part of the NEPHA of Student involvement, fosters health promotion commitments to service and civic action by engaging students and communities in hands-on learning and transformation of an experiences that educate and develop leaders capable of creating positive change for the common good.

Universities or institutions working in Nepal as constitute academia or gives an affiliation to different colleges to run the different stream of health sciences programme. Primarily, the CVPHA keeps an aim to inevitable participate the students under volunteerism action that could help to develop the realization of social service through health right approach.

Principle of CVAD Programme
    1.    Boost Volunteerism Morale and professionalism in volunteering
    2.    Create a sense of belonging and realization of service thought
    3.    Make a difference in your community
    4.    Participation and coordination for collaborative public health action
    5.    Academic promotion through evidence practice
    6.    Public health right and their implementing action
Goals of CVAD Programme

  1. Assist students, faculty, and staff in finding ways to serve in the community.
  2. Help to promote the academic and professional activities
  3. Build strong collaborative relationships between the NEPHA, institution and the community.
  4. Provide support and training to students who wish to develop their leadership skills.
  5. Provide opportunities for students to plan service projects and to participate in social activism.
  6. Mobilize the volunteer during the epidemics and disaster with coordination to different organization
Outcomes of CVAD Programme
    •    Develop increase self awareness, clarifying values, purpose and perspective.
    •    Demonstrate personal and social responsibility. Become active, engaged citizens during and after their academic career.
    •    Engage in critical and creative thinking, in exploring and working to solve real public health challenges
    •    Develop leadership and team-based skills and competence.
    •    Identify, and understand, the systemic causes of social health injustices.
    •    Develop commitment and respect for diversity and diverse perspectives
    •    Facilitate positive public and social health change locally, regionally, nationally and globally.
    •    Understand, explore and identify issues facing local, regional, national and global communities.

Volunteer Activities

Activities Carried out in Volunteer Management in NEPHA:
    •    NEPHA will develop the volunteer action regulation
    •    Database of the volunteer in central level
    •    Participating in the different public health day and relay
    •    NEPHA will provide different training to the volunteers
    •    NEPHA will provide fellowship, award and recognition

Types of volunteers in NEPHA
1. Governance Volunteer:

Volunteers of Executive Committees of all level involved in management, coordination and resource generation

2. Institution based Public Health Volunteer:

This type of volunteer if most important and backbone of NEPHA. Those volunteers involved in different programme by NEPHA or they could organize themselves. This volunteers are developed based on institution. The programme organize themselves is very pride of them in lieu of increase their organization collaborative effect and enhance leadership skill. The above training will be provided to them

3. NEPHA Volunteer:

Volunteers passing or running last year of academic could work in NEPHA office as volunteer to develop their skills. This type of volunteers have a right to develop and planning different types of programme by themselves and implementation where it necessary.

4. Public Health Intern:

Public health intern are as same like to NEPHA volunteers but they get some monitory benefit in terms of transportation and launch box. NEPHA will give more intense to serve volunteerism for public health development and is priority activities of NEPHA. Volunteers have a right to develop different public health activities and innovation. Along they able to get chance to bring to themselves with public health network through different activities and showing their abilities among community worth fully.

Opportunity for volunteers
    •    Able to get different training
    •    Able to manage the programme in low cost setting
    •    Skill enhance on public health programme
    •    Able to get certification


Are you want join as volunteer

If  yes please

Download a  form and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Academic Development Activities

NEPHA Will promote the public health activities through different dialogue, activities, publishing the books and many more.

Center of Project Management and Technical Assistance (CPMTA)



CPMTA is center established to formulate the health related project, developing of proposal for financial assiatance and implement of project in defined area. Along with, it will provide ongoing technical assistance and support to all members in the form of online resources, one on one consultations, and connections to other members. Staff are available to provide members with access to administrative, fiscal, and program management examples and connect members with colleagues in the network who may have additional resources.  CPMTA also fosters sharing among member organizations of public health competencies (eg, health information technology and communications, analysis, project writing) and health issue areas (eg, physical activity and health reform).  


Vision and Misssion

Optimize knowledge and skills and core public health processes necessary to produce professional value and organizational sustanability.
  • CPMTA provides innovative and practical solutions for meeting project manajement challenges for the members.
  • The activities based on innovative predection of idea
  • Support, appreciation and execution of activities
  • Strategic and practical solutions to public health professionals an enduring reputation for thought leadership.
  • Enable members to address cross boundary initiatives, as well as, program and project management issues at every level from the executive committee to the operation.
  • Different types of project formulation and implementation
  • Support to regional and district level NEPHA committees for management issues

Center of Policy and Public Health Action (CPPHA)


Center pf Policy and Public Health Action (CPPHA) is policy  and programmetic center where large of human people could enroll through diffrent public health activities like camping, conference, exhibition etc. This center was established to overcome the deficit public health activities in Nepal. It is organized as a independent and interdepartmental center reporting to the Executive body of NEPHA.

CPPHA serves to coordinate public health-related activities not only within the NEPHA diffrent level executive committee but also inside Nepal and merges public health related activities from community level to decision level.  CPHHP partners with the governmental and non governmental organization including with community people too. 

CPPHA work supports the development of public policy designed to improve population health and reduce health inequalities in Nepal. Our work influences policies directly related to health such as those being developed and led by the Department’s of Health and national health agencies. This includes working directly of indirectly with state and non state sector to support them in the process of developing evidence-based equitable and public centred health policy submitting evidence based recommendations in public health responses and developing ease of access to health intelligence resources which support national, regional and local on public health policy
Public Health Action
The different professional activities is organizaed by this center. The national and international different public health related day is celebrated by this center. Along this it organized the different type of public health related workshop, seminar, conferences, exhibition. 
Vision and Mission
Make aware and support to develop evidence based public health policy and programme to uplft the quality health being through the community level
  • Equality and equity public health policy and services

  • Innovation on public policy will based on evidence based practices

  • Increase partnering and collaborating among the stakeholder to grab the synergistic effect of public health

  • Makeing aware to community and professional people to create the demand effect on quality of life


1. We also developeing own our views on policy of different public health sector on
  • Reproductive health 
  • Road safety and health
  • Nutition
  • Health systen and restructuring
  • Human resource for health etc
2. We are going to organize the following activities
  • National health exhibition and knowledge sharing (In every two years)
  • National public health award (In every two years)
  • Public health conference
  • Celebration of public health related day



Center for Professionalism and Capacity Development  (CPCD)



The CPCD was established to respond effectively to the public health development  challenges being faced by individual public health professionals. It provides training on different areana pertaining to public health promotion and development. It serves as a platform for knowledge creation, knowledge sharing and as a catalyst for innovative solutions and ideas for addressing specific public health policy, programme and challenges for achieving more inclusive and sustainable patterns.


Vision and Mission

CPCD for Capacity Development is to become a national centre of excellence for learning, sharing and capacity building. Its mission is to enhance the quality of public health activities through proficient human resource by generating, disseminating and sharing knowledge resources and building capacities for public health development



CPCD aspires to increase public health competency through professionalism and sustainability on innovation. All members should have the opportunity to grow a flourishing productive sector, to increase their participation in public health activities and to safeguard their environment.

  • Every membes able to maintain the public health ethics and implemented in thror own activities
  • No one is left behind in benefiting from NEPHA, and prosperity is shared among professional community.
  • Unique knowledge and resources are combined of all relevant public health issues to maximize the development impact of public health.
  • Enhance capacity of individual people who have necessary


Objectives of CVCD

The overall aim of the center is to strengthen NEPHA's academic partnership, networking efforts, capacity-building, training activities and maintain professional ethics. 


Areas of activities

Its functions are related to the areas of:

1) Knowledge Sharing

2) Training and Education,

3) Joint Innovation 

4) Public Health Dialogue and Speech

5) Strategic Networking and Partnership.

Public Health Research Center (PHRC) 

Public Health Research Center (PHRC), a part of the NEPHA, provides new intelligence, perspectives, and analysis on trends affecting all health related issues. PHRC helps executive decision makers navigate change through primary research and collaborative exchange. Our views are shaped by a network of professionals with executive and day-to-day experience in the health sector. PHRC is led by our member of investigators, research associates, and biostatisticians. Our researchers have graduate training and experience in areas such as behavioral science, epidemiology, preventive medicine, environmental health, social health issues, research methodology, family health, MCH, health services research, and biostatistics. 

PHRC keep an aims to develop as a scientific inquiry in public health research and contributing to its teaching and research programs. The founding philosophy maintains that health promotion and disease prevention activities are the most humane and effective ways to ensure the health and well-being of the community-at-large. Central to its mission statement is the provision of public health initiatives and the pursuit of research that focuses on the health needs of community people locally and elsewhere. 


Goal of PHRC

  • PHRC is a non-proprietary, public-domain research institution within a health care system. To serve its goal PHRC conducts and disseminates research and evaluation on
  • The organization, delivery, quality, and cost of health care
  •  Prevention and management of illness.
  • Strategies at the individual, provider, system, community, and policy levels that result in better health outcomes.
Objectives of PHRC
  • Conduct different level of health research
  • Conduct different level of health research and survey about the different public, social, environmental, disease, behavioural, nutritional, health system and NCD issues related to community and disseminate the result.
  • To provide consultancy service in necessary field to strengthen and understanding of health research and make appropriate recommendation.
  • To publish the one journal, article, critics in national and international level
  • To coordinate with national and international level health research council, institute, university to exchange the knowledge, thought and technological methodology.
  • To provide research fellow award to the most deserving researchers during academic.
  • To arrange the discussion forum, dissemination forum, seminar and debates in different research issues
Major Activities

1. Publication of Journal

For the detail about the Journal of Nepal Public Health Association please click here


2. Research Fellowship 


3. Research club








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